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Leather is a by-product – cattle and sheep are reared specifically for the production of meat, wool and dairy product. The value of cattle hides and sheepskins represents in the region of 5-10% of the market value of an animal.

The leather industry utilises hides and skins which, if the industry did not exist to process them, would create an enormous waste disposal problem with the attendant health hazards.

Leather is a renewable natural resource – if leather was not produced, it would have to be replaced by synthetic materials derived from non-renewable resources.

Leather is used in a wide range of products from children’s shoes, where it is most important for foot health, to oil seals in aircraft. Leather makes a contribution to the quality of everyday life and has done so for centuries.

World production of leather estimated for 2007 is 23 billion square feet at a value of circa US$45 billion

On average a consumer will have at least 4 leather items on them at any one time (eg shoes, belt, wallet, watchstrap)

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